alphabet soup

a term used to describe a phenomenon in which letters do not form words. often occurs during major exams
noam: dude i failed bio
ryan: did you experience alphabet soup?

noam: no i’m stupid
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a various concoction of illegal drugs, taken concurrently, the effects of which cannot be antic-p-ted. a for acid, b for barbiturate, c for c-ke, d for dope, e for ecstasy, f for fungus, g for ghb, h for heroin etc. etc.

the most hardcore experiences often come when you do not prepare the soup yourself.
man, he was just freakin’ out – like he’d had an alphabet soup or somethin.
when you get a report card with a mixture of good and bad grades.
john: hey, look at my report card!
george: wow, that’s some serious alphabet soup you got going there.
that ever-expanding collection of s-xual minorities that identify themselves with initialisms or acronyms that are more or less completely opaque to the uninitiated.

includes, princ-p-lly, the lgbt spectrum (lgbtqiqgqasa…) and the kink spectrum (bdsm, cbt, d/s, etc.)
quinn was an as-xual lesbian hermaphrodite, and a submissive m-s-ch-st — and therefore didn’t swim in the alphabet soup, but dived in it.
while performing c-nn-l-ng-s, the male simulates all 26 letters of the alphabet on the l-b–/cl-toral area of the female. it is customary to repeat certain letters such as “m”, “o” and “z”.
i fed my girlfriend donna a bowl of alphabet soup last night. she came 4 times!!
the best soup to ever cure the grumbly in my tumbly
-sllluuurrrrpppp- yum. now that’s good soup
a game played while eating out a woman. the tounge user spells out words with their tounge and the woman has to try and guess the word. there is usually a prize consisting of a s-xual favor from the looser to the winner.
“last night we played alphabet soup and my girlfriend lost. i was a very happy man.”

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