(noun) alrik- someone who chuckles when they see a dead body and doesn’t know why. slugs down whiskey when people are trying to get his attention, and generally doesn’t care about your feelings.

(n.) alrik – chick magnet, one who attracts females but can’t keep them. specifically who doesn’t listen to their own subconscious warnings concerning the opposite s-x.

essentially making alrik a name, yes, but mostly a term for those who display an amazing amount of apathy, yet are insanely guilty about it. drinking themselves further into denial.
alrik kicked the man in the b-lls hard and as the man dropped to a knee, alrik jammed his .45 in the poor man’s eye. “say goodnight, d-ck”, he quipped rather uncomically, then pulled the trigger.

man 1: i know you mean well, but everyone else thinks your an -ss!
alrik: so? -drinks booze, ends discussion-

girl: omg you’re so dark and mysterious, wanna come to my place?
alrik: duh!
-2 months later-
girl: and don’t forget to pick up my tampons when you go out! i’m busy watching tv…and lazy.”
alrik: …-c-cks .45-
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a great friend and listener. hottt and thats an understatement. has a m-ssive c-ck and knows how and when to use it. always loaded and ready to whip it out when good times arise.
hes hung like alrik

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