a young branch of american conservatism focused mainly on white-supremacist, xenophobic ident-ty politics and anti-immigration sentiment. members of the alt-right will deny the label of “racist”, and prefer to use obfuscating terms like “race realist” (to describe their pseudoscientifically-justified racial prejudices) and “cucks” (to describe a brainwashed ‘politically correct’ liberal being ‘taken advantage of’ by what they see as the lesser races.)

the alt-right is a young movement born on the internet, growing out of the culture of open racism and trolling on 4chan, and uses memes and modern internet-speak as a primary mode of communication. the alt-right prefers “edgy” and antagonistic messaging, being rather aware of—even relishing in—their fringe position in the greater political discourse.

as one might expect, they idolize presidential candidate donald trump, sharing his disdain for “political correctness” and propriety, and identifying with his aggressive persona and xenophobic rhetoric.
when i was growing up, i went on 4chan a lot. saw some pretty messed up stuff there, but eventually i realized it was all a twisted joke, a bunch of repressed youngsters competing to see who could post the most offensive content for laughs. and so as i approached adulthood i grew out of it. others like me were not so lucky, and rather than growing out of it, they dove further into the world of ‘edgy’ racial rhetoric and cultural antagonism, forming it into part of their ident-ty as they reached adulthood. those people went on to become the alt-right.
hilary clinton’s low energy attempt at defining a word trying to link donald trump to being a racist.

alt-right does not mean anything. does not describe anyone or a group of people that are tangible.

it’s an empty word, just like she is.

‘these are racist ideas, race baiting ideas, anti-muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-women, all key tenants making up the emerging racist ideloogy known as the ‘alt-right’ -hillary clinton, speaking in reno, nev, august 25, 2016

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