1. in music, short for alternative.

2. in rpg, short for alternate id.

3. in mpd, short for alter or persona.

4. in keyboarding, the alt key, located just to the left of the sp-ce bar.

5. in html, the alternative text attribute of the img tag.
1. i don’t care for alt music.

2. my alt is downstrike.

3. i tried to list my alts once, but i lost count at 44.

4. the reason you don’t see alt is it’s hidden under your left hand.

5. there’s no such thing as an “alt tag”. alt is an attribute of the img tag.
in mmporgs like muds, a reference to a player’s supplementary–thus “alternative”–avatar/character. not the player’s primary character but one used for blowing off steam, avoiding a primary character’s responsibilities, or exacting anonymous revenge on a player-character you dislike.
i logged on with my alt after pking him cuz i didn’t want him to gank me.
gaming: an alternative character, as opposed to one main character you play in a game. many online games allow the user to make multiple characters. people that make alts to an extreme are said to be altoholics.
xxlord dark evil blacknessxx: hey, any1 got a healer? we rly culd youz a healr on this mish.
mistress dark blood necro fairy: ya, i kan log onto 1 of mai alts, brb.
a long term (as in relationship material)
“what happened to that guy you were seeing? you guys went on a couple dates, right?”

“yeah, he stopped calling me. guess he wasn’t alt.”
an abreviation for the word “alternative” meaning the type of music.
kait’s favorite music is alt-rock.
-ss licking toe sucker
man, jeff is such an alts

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