Alta Loma High School

alta loma high school is in the infamous rancho cucamonga. it is where all the “cool kids” go. filled with bros, blacks, preps, jocks, and the misfits with the platform boots! its biggest rival is los osos high school and no matter what sport it is they have to get in a fight over it to see who is better. alta loma and los osos tag eachother up to prove what they call a point! even though they are rivals and say they hate eachother, everybody that goes to alta loma are friends with the rich kids at los osos. alta loma is obsessed with their football program and would die for it if they had to. this high school is the first school in rancho cucamonga and if you dont go here or you make fun of it you better run cause these kids dont mess around!
alta loma high school is in the infamous 909

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