the guy you play as in -ssasin’s creed, altair’s name comes from the arabic word meaning “flying one” altair posesses a very deadly -rs-nal, such as throwing knifes, a long and short blade, and his trademark arm dagger. altairs arm dagger comes from a rack impalanted in his arm, however to use this altairs’s ring finger was cut off to place the weapon in. altair belongs to an age-old grope called the -ssasin’s, who from known facts within the game span from the 1100s to the present. altairs personality is a bit c-cky and wreckless. altair is also very agile being able to jump from roof to roof and climb high church steples.
altair blended into the crowd, aproaching his kill. altair jumped into the air and came down on his target like falcon catching it’s prey.
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the hottest and most bad-ss -ss-ssin there has ever been, and main charactor in the video game -ss-ssin’s creed.
he is so s-xy.
“i want altair to -ss-ssinate me… in bed.”

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