this person is very s-xy and loyal they tend to be great at s-x and they can make a girl very h-rny. they also are good at licking girls s-xual parts.
altaven got me really h-rny

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  • ryan parhizi

    he is an awesome guy who likes to rub his b-tt cheeks on other peoples faces after that then he done. but then he pulls out his p-n-s and eats it. then he turns into the ultimate s-x machine. that guy just ryan parhizid me.

  • pemap

    please excuse my automotive p-rn sorry to change the subject …. pemap (insert automotive related picture)

  • blue gatorade

    when you tie a scrunchy around your d-ck then dip it water and splash it around. scott gave that girl a blue gatorade… nice!

  • roach titties

    t-tties that are small like a roach “jessica’s hot” “nah she got roach t-tties”

  • sandwoman

    when you pull out and c-m on a b-tches face, take a handful of sand throw it in her face and run away yo did you hear the story about tayler? who? sandwoman?

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