most often children of the rich and famous, mainly the entertainment industry, who have attended any of the los angeles high schools (mostly private and on the west side) (crossroads, new roads, harvard-westlake, marymount, archer, windward, wildwood, marlborough, malibu high, etc.) and eventually use their standing to become key figures of alternative culture. alumni previously took advantage of their status to enter hollywood, with celebrities like gwyneth paltrow and jack black becoming household names. the students of these schools now aim for the trendier though ultimately less lucrative career path of becoming stars in the alt world, due in part to the advent of the internet and the opening of the indie floodgates circa 2006-2008. most of them live in malibu, beverly hills, pacific palisades, brentwood or other high income suburbs, although they will deny this and state they are from “la” to avoid embarr-ssment. they desperately attempt to hide from their parent’s money, although they have no problem spending it. they take pictures of their food at urth caffe and post them online daily. underage girls fill the likes of the smell nightly in an attempt to improve their alt visibility. they have no problem funding coach-lla trips, sometimes attending both weekends. when they graduate they fill the likes of new york city, san francisco, portland, echo park and silverlake. you will encounter at least one at almost any party.
zooey deschanel is maybe the most well-known alt graduate of a “-roads” school, but her fame began before independent culture truly hit the mainstream and thus she predates the altluminati in its present form. notable, more contemporary examples include zosia mamet, zoe kazan, earl sweatshirt, jonah hill, tennessee thomas, elvis perkins, the morning benders (pop etc), dawes, jesse jo stark, ariel pink, devendra banhart, bethany cosentino (of best coast), and amadéus leopold.

the corrupt indie machine, as described by carles, is run by the altluminati.

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