variant of , especially before a vowel.

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  • Alumina

    the natural or synthetic oxide of aluminum, al 2 o 3 , occurring in nature in a pure crystal form as corundum. historical examples the garnet is but as hard as quartz, and is a silicate of alumina with lime and a little iron. the a b c of mining charles a. bramble it is […]

  • Alumina cement

    a quick-setting cement with a large bauxite content.

  • Alumina trihydrate

    . a crystalline, water-insoluble powder, al(oh) 3 or al 2 o 3 ⋅3h 2 o, obtained chiefly from bauxite: used in the manufacture of gl-ss, ceramics, and printing inks, in dyeing, and in medicine as an antacid and in the treatment of ulcers.

  • Aluminiferous

    containing or yielding aluminum. adjective containing or yielding aluminium or alumina

  • Aluminite

    a mineral, hydrous aluminum sulfate, al 2 (so 4)(oh) 4 ⋅7h 2 o, occurring in white, chalky m-sses. historical examples we floated there like a derelict—dark, silent, save for the lapping of the water against our aluminite pontoons. tarrano the conqueror raymond king c-mmings the walls seemed to bulge outward with the pressure of the […]

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