can be referred to as an object used to beat someone down with, especially a baseball bat, like the ones used in major league baseball.
mase in “n-gg-z done started something” (back when he was gangsta, not that g-unit sh-t): then i’m beatin’ ’em down with aluminums, then i’m puttin two in ’em.
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a derogatory name for bands and music relating to the “nu-metal” genre. the expression is supposed to give off the connotation that it is not as heavy as true metal and often made from old, recycled material. however, keep in mind such phrases are commonly misused.
> holy cr-p, the new chevelle cd is out!
> been listening to too many “rock alternative” radio stations lately? why don’t you go see a korn concert when you’re done listening to “wait and bleed” for the fifty-billionth time?
> uh… new metallica is teh r0x0rr!

poor example:

> system of a down is such a generic aluminum band.
> dipsh-t, if you knew anything, you’d know their music derives from a culmination of indigenous armenian styles of music with american post-hardcore and they possess an intellectual and creative edge unseen in almost any other modern metal band.
> uh… i’m going to go listen to soil now.
a genre of music. more so, a sub-genre of the rock category that falls between alternative and metal.

scale from softest->hardest.
soft rock – emotional – alternative – aluminum – hard rock – metal/death metal – screamo.

soft rock relies on slow melody, and serenity in the vocals. soft rock frequently uses intruments that would not normally be used in rock music, like pianos, and acoustic instruments. soft rock is praised for its simultaneous simplicity, and complexity.
-jack johnson, the beach boys.

emotional does not require a serene vocalist, but its stress is all vocal, and very little instrumental. emotional music usually utilizes a vocalist with a high-pitch or “whiny” voice, that is not particularly skillful at pitch, harmony, tune.
-my chemical romance, all american rejects, saosin.

alternative is very broad, so many bands have been pushed in because they don’t have their own genre so they call them “alternative.” alternative bands qualify as alternative for their earthy vocals and mediocre instrument stress. most alternative bands rely heavily on their singer to disguise their lack of instrumental talent. sadly… there is little instrumental stress, usually. most of the stress is vocal.
-creed, matchbox 20.

hard rock employs heavy distorted electrical guitar riffs paired with powerful vocals. the only reservation hard rock has, is screaming. they still sing. though screaming is not forbidden, and is justified in the movement of the intensity of the song. aluminum shares this screaming reservation.
-disturbed, g-dsmack.

metal screaming can be the norm with no justification. metal emphasizes solely on shredding a guitar at alarming speed, when necessary, and deemed necessary frequently. metal songs can last 10 minutes, or more.
-metallica, bullet for my valentine.

death metal usually forwards a constant raspy demonic sounding vocalist, with skillful guitarists showing the extent of their playing speed and much stress can be placed on the drummer’s use of the b-ss drum, or double b-ss drum. death metal songs can last 10 minutes, or more.
-lamb of g-d, dimmu borgir.

screamo is purely an -ssault on one’s sense of hearing. they can employ tactics such as “pig squealing” and just outright screaming.
-job for a cowboy, underoath.

aluminum has emotional rooting, so the song has real meaning and definition so it is justified in existing. then, it has equal instrumental and vocal stress so the song is not imbalanced to mask any lack of talent. the lyrics are powerful, as the guitar/drums are skillful. the vocalists aren’t afraid to scream as well as, screaming can be incorporated and still be cl-ssified as aluminum with justification, normally based on song intensity.
lyrics are often cryptic, and the tone of the songs can usually be cl-ssified as “dark.” the tone is not required to be “dark,” but it can not be “light” or “whiny.” if not “dark” the tone is normally very powerful, elightening, and epiphany inspiring.
imbalance in instrumental an vocal equality normally disqualifies a song for cl-ssifying into the genre.
-rise against, breaking benjamin, evansblue, tool, a perfect circle, chevelle, skillet, afi, incubus.
daniel: what kind of music do you listen to bro?
jef: i like some metal sh-t, but mostly aluminum.
daniel: wow, i love you. rise against is one of my favorite bands, let us unite in our love for this genre.
jef: f-ckin’ a right dawgie.

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