a graduate or former student of a specific school, college, or university.
a former -ssociate, employee, member, or the like:
he invited all the alumni of the library staff to the party.
contemporary examples

bernie is a fabulous writer i have long admired, a model mcgill alumnus, and a new friend.
the hagel finagel: on mccarthyite attacks gil troy december 27, 2012

the fact that the government employee in question is a mckinsey alumnus does not allay any of my concerns.
the green stimulus’ red ink david frum december 2, 2012

she says she met cosby, a temple alumnus and big-time donor to the university, in november 2002.
how bill cosby allegedly silenced his accusers through a tabloid smear campaign marlow stern november 20, 2014

the celebrated nanny college counts as its most famous (if fictional) alumnus mary poppins.
more details about prince george’s new nanny tom sykes march 20, 2014

randle phelps, a las vegas developer and alumnus, said he canceled his $150,000 pledge.
betty ford center’s messy path after former first lady’s death lois romano november 8, 2011

historical examples

he was an alumnus of the university, and had been appealed to to enlarge the opportunities of his alma mater.
the popes and science james j. walsh

he is an alumnus of dartmouth of ’87 and of boston university, department of medicine, of ’90.
among the sioux r. j. creswell

both of these journals are published by private corporations, as was the alumnus at first.
the university of michigan wilfred shaw

but the work of the -ssociation and its officers has not stopped with the alumnus.
the university of michigan wilfred shaw

dr. stookey was an alumnus of coe of the cl-ss of 1884, the first cl-ss to be graduated after coe became a college.
history of linn county iowa luther a. brewer

noun (pl) -ni (-naɪ)
(mainly us & canadian) a graduate of a school, college, etc

1640s, from latin alumnus “a pupil,” literally “foster son,” vestigial present p-ssive participle of alere “to nourish” (see old), with ending akin to greek -omenos. plural is alumni. fem. is alumna (1882), fem. plural alumnae.

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