[kawr-rah-daw] /kɔrˈrɑ dɔ/ (show ipa), c1890–1956, italian journalist and novelist.
contemporary examples

instead, the loudest voices come from the ever-tweeting ex-president, alvaro uribe, and his supporters.
kevin scott sutay: swallowed by the jungle toby muse july 24, 2013

historical examples

the door of the room presently opened and alvaro luna came in.
froth armando palacio valds

and this in fact he did, so that all ended as alvaro dornellas desired.
the chronicle of the discovery and conquest of guinea gomes eannes de azurara

but it semeth he will not, nether take hym at 50 r. of 8, as he cost alvaro gonsalves.
diary of richard c-cks, volume ii richard c-cks

they were addressed to his son alvaro, at that time a schoolboy in mexico city.
a daughter of the dons william macleod raine

this was built by alvaro de luna as a vast mausoleum for himself and his wife.
toledo. the story of an old spanish capital hannah lynch

alvaro the italian is also mentioned, but he does not enter till some time afterwards.
a select collection of old english plays, volume 10 (of 15) various

the sailor alvaro, was killed by the indians, during our expedition to the honduras.
the memoirs of the conquistador bernal diaz del castillo, vol 2 (of 2) bernal diaz del castillo

being, however, provided with theriac and other antidotes against the poison, alvaro and all his men recovered from their wounds.
a general history and collection of voyages and travels, vol. ii robert kerr

do you know that alvaro luna has a fight on hand this evening?
froth armando palacio valds

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