a name meaning “one who is heavenly/ of the heavens.”

in english, that would be: “a cool dude.”
1) i met this totally great guy last week – such an alvi

2) hey alvi, how’s life? did i mention your just so d-mn cool, you know?
on a frosty winter’s night, a wagon appeared at the gates of fort klugman carrying pioneers to the frontier. a young woman in the party called delia was heavy with child. and though she had journeyed with the virile young men for nigh on one year, none had lain with her, though she was comely. and on this frosty winter’s night, young delia’s water broke, almost freezing her to the seat of the wagon.

and the pioneer’s beseeched the soldiers to grant them entrance, so that she could give birth to her child in the hospital there. but due to an outbreak of syphilis among the soldiers, the hospital was full. and so there in the stable, among the feed and tack, and the… the… whatsis, delia gave birth to a son, whom she called alvis, as was her wont.
“vengeance is mine!” quoth alvis. then he shot that guy right in the freakin face.
a word meaning,

a really suave guy who knows how to talk with ease.

in english it would be:

a kid everyone can get along with!
1) hey you know alvi?

yeah man he’s so nice!

2) hey man, you wanna go out somewhere?

yeah lets go im down.

cool man, your so nice.
one of supreme pwnage, supreme virginian heritage.
alvis slaped that b-tch in the face and laughed
at first when you meet her she might be quiet and awkward and you might mistake her for a five year old boy,but afterwards she will be the loudest,cutest,funniest,kinkiest, person you know and instantly fall in love her. she might not have a big chest or full behind but her facial features is what makes her stand out with her chizzled jawline. she is mostly attracted to men not bc of her looks but bc of her personality:) and she will most likely get harry styles, young leo dicaprio, and zac effron for christmas this year
alvi is one of the funniest girls i know
wimpy little virgin boy
the alvis went to club but everybody laughed at it.
alvi, a hairy creature from the forests of pakistan, you’ll often see him feasting on the v-g-n-s of 70 year old virgins, to mention his name, is to submit your v-g-n- to his endless hunger
this guy is one of those alvis in this area

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