bad-ss motherf-cka who is the sweetest person to be around fun, s-xy, super funny. amazing all the time, sensitive, perfect at like everything and has a great smile that makes your day you lucky if you find yourself an alyk cause he a keeper. he like a god at sports too 😉

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  • free lunch motherfucker

    a person who is always looking for something for free and will go to extreme measures to get it. that free lunch motherf-cker just ate their whole plate of food and complained they didn’t like it and wants it removed from the bill.

  • meifú

    meifú is the chinese name for maeve. it comes from mandoran dialect. it was a translated irish name turned mandoran. they tend to be s-ssy and hold grudges on small things. they can be fun, but can turn on you very quickly. girl 1: i’m going to hang out with meifú, you wanna come? girl […]

  • hillaphobia

    fear of hillary clinton oh, cr-p now i have hillaphobia. don’t let her be president.

  • shnaple

    something said when you mess up. oh shnaple!!! i left my keys at home.

  • roaxposed

    the process of being roasted and exposed at the same time dude you just got roaxposed

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