am I being punk’d?

an expression of surprise and disbelief that is uttered when one is in a situation that is perceived to be rediculous or beyond belief. usually said when a person -ssumes that they are being fooled or made the b-tt end of a practical joke; not wanting to face the facts of a real situation.
originating from the tv show hosted by ashton kutcher called punk’d where he plays practical jokes on fellow celebrities deceiving them into accepting a crazy scenario or situation is real.
jack-ss: dude, your house burned down and everyone you love is dead! oh, and your girlfriend is cheating on you!

pedro: what?! am i being punk’d?

a state of expression as apposed of saying ”nah ah” or ”are you sh-tt-ng me?”
1. my house burned down and i have type 2 herpes

2. am i being punk’d?

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