amaana can very chill at times, but when they get mad they get mad for a reason. she is very smart, funny, and pretty, she is loved by many and surrounded by many people
i wish i was an amaana

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  • bl**dy boogie

    when your so drunk your eating your girlfriend out and give yourself a bl–dy nose. my boyfriend was so drunk last night he gave him self a bl–dy boogie but kept going til. he p-ssed out.

  • on god

    on god is a phrase which is a way of saying that someone is telling the truth. similar to another phrase such as “i swear to god.” other common uses are “on my mom,” “on my grandma,” “on my grandpa,” “on gang,” etc… person 1: i whipped out of that parking lot so fast, spinning […]

  • v*g*n* bells

    during s-xual inter course when the p-n-s is fully inserted into the v-g-n- the b-lls hang down like bells. guy1: bro i totally gave her v-g-n- bells last night guy2: really? guy1: bro it was awesome

  • salt queen

    gaby levy gaby levy is the one and only salt queen.

  • immedihate

    the phenomenon of hating someone without knowing them, based solely on their race, religion, s-xual orientation, or other aspect that in no way defines their individual personality. that guy disagreed with her so she immedihated him.

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