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  • pussy raisin

    when your head is in a girl’s v-g-n- for so long that it becomes wrinkly “hey barbara, i heard you gave jake a p-ssy raisin last night.”

  • jaidrath

    an outgoing person who might or might not have achieved mental maturity. cannot take decisions for the life of him and is the king of confusion. believes himself to be spontaneous but takes forever to take a call. pulling of a jaidrath can be the phenomenon of not deciding minor things choose your meal fast. […]

  • renziful

    the t-tle given when you reach level 100 on all skill types. people like this probably held up a basket when the talents precipitated from above. person a: “wow! that guy can paint a masterpiece while singing and dancing… underwater.” person b: “that guy must be sooo renziful.”

  • put the candle back!

    used in the movie young frankenstein, this is a phrase used when uncovering any unseen p-ssages and not knowing how to exit. person: “hand me that candle there, will you?” friend: -hands candle- person:”what is th-woah” friend: “did you just fall into a trap door?” person: “put the candle back!”

  • german afternoon

    a spontaneous afternoon spent in a bar drinking that occurs instead of the errands/ch-r-s that were originally planned larry ran into a buddy while at the hardware store buying lawn fertilizer that he wanted to spread after lunch. they popped into the pub for a quick beer and ended up having a german afternoon. he […]

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