Amandine Carmen Aurelie Barre

the most beautiful girl to have every existed in this world. she has a beauty that could rival any greek goddess…there aren’t enough words to describe how beautiful she is. she has the warmest heart and cares for everybody. she thinks so deeply and loves so strongly. she is so hardworking and fights for what she believes in…especially for love. she loves traveling and admires the beauty of nature, she has a poetic and romantic tongue. she is so clever and always has witty answers for everything. she is sarcastic and funny always. she is so comp-ssionate and understanding. and she kisses so p-ssionately and deeply. she is beyond perfect. and i am so undeniably irrevocably in love with her.
i am so in love with amandine carmen aurelie barre, her eyes are the perfect blend of chocolate brown and gr-ssy green just like autumn…i see home in autumn.

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