a r-t-rded wh-r- who loves to go out with hobos. he is the current holder of the t-tle ”the greatest -sshole in the world”, he is a h-m-s-xual douche. amante is a name for g-yl-rds, douches, noobs, a guy that doesn’t have a life and a pathetic gay.
guy 1: wow! amante is the current holder of t-tle ”the greatest -sshole in the word”
guy 2: yeah! why?!
guy 1: hahaha! what a pathetic gay!!! xd
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circulates through irc (internet relay chat) as another word for gay.(h-m-s-xual) stems from an openly gay irc user named amante.
1)thats so amante!
2)man, elton john was wearing one amante outfit tonight.
3) men who go to chipendales are mostly amante.
spanish term of endearment for lover or mistress (male or female)
lauren is my amante!

dylan is my amante!

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