a bad-ss b-tch who will cut a b-tch if they f-ck with her squad.
d-mn, did you see amant-rd beat that b-tch?

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  • rojuiana

    ugly, disgusting, ratchet girl with the tacky weave. oh thats rojuiana the one with the tacky weave

  • Lewizl

    someone who appears to be fast at thinking and incredibly good at games, but is later found cheating. i thought kurtis was good at counter strike, but it turned out we was just a lewizl. #lewizl

  • Weegle

    when a male/female -rg-sm’s during s-x but ends up p-ssing all over the naked body. peter: “mate did you smash her in the end?” tom: “yeah but she f-cking weegled all over me man.”

  • master/slave

    a type of role play involving a master and a slave; this could be s-xual or not. do you want to master/slave rp with me? i can be the slave but you’ll have to be aggressive. 😉

  • Clarinetticorn

    popular and correct spelling is with two t’s. a unicorn with a clarinet as a horn. one can be a clarinetticorn by placing the bell of one’s clarinet on their forehead and holding it there so that the rest of the clarinet sticks up like the horn of a unicorn. (usually done while running and/or […]

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