a person who is a great friend,goofy,romantic,fearless,athletic,and smart. amarey’s seem to have trouble dying hence the name meaning strong and immortal which both originate from african culture. they are very observant and understanding of ones feelings. amarey’s tend to be extremely good fighters so dont get into a fight with one or you are completely screwed. they are always looking for peace and are not easily angered unless it involves someone they care about. once they hit p-b-rty they will be the hottest guy you have ever seen. they are very forgiving and very loving. they have a such an extreme and creative imagination you wish you had their brain. amarey’s get very p-ssed when asked very stupid and meaningless questions. they tend to like the cold and darkness hence their personality being so bright and warm.
”hey, didn’t the doctor say he should have died in that car crash? he must be an amarey.”

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