amarli is the best thing that will ever happen to you so you better keep her ok !!!!!!!!!
amarli is awesome ,amazing ,beautiful and talinted she lights up the room when she enters it even when it’s pitch black she is so talented in acting, dance, modeling, singing, running, parting, and is just the best person to be around she dreams to be in movies and tv shows and all of the people that know her believe it’s going to happen . amarli is the name only given to the most beautiful gorgeous hot s-xy athletic and intelligent girls. amarli is the girl that is the most popular and all the boys love her and adorable her even tho she is popular it dose not mean she is the mean girl like in those high school movies she is actually the most amazing and kind hearted girl you will ever meet she is a godess so if you have an amarli dont lose , let go of her or enything keep herrrrr🌶🍑🍍👸
omg is that amarli

omg it is she is so amazing look at her

i love her

she awesome

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