amateurs are people who do otherwise skilled work on spec or simply as a hobby, because technology and capitalism have made powerful creative tools available to common consumers that lack expertise, professional experience, or education for a field that can have high expectations or legal restrictions for what can and cannot be submitted for approval.
many amateurs have access to desk top computers and recording equipment to publish content on the internet that is not bohemian or avant-garde because it is available to anyone to -n-lyze or deconstuct, often ruthlessly because the content is available to anyone and no longer an underground art in a city or community. because of that, the content becomes kitsch rather than relevant and potentially influential on mainstream content.
sloppy, not professional looking. using hot glue and/or tape on a model. something that your mom could have made on a computer.

using fabric when its obvious you should not be thinking about materials…
that sh-t was amateur, but he still got a good grade somehow.

f-ck. dammit. where’d you get that amateur sh-t, wordart?
someone who is bad at fifa e.g connor
me: have you played online games
connor: yes i have actually, my online stats are good
me: but i saw them and they were 0-0-0
connor: but i have played friendlies
me: you amateur lying pr-ck!
someone who has done something one time before, defines itself as an expert on the topic.
john: got laid?
nick: yeah.
john: satisfaction granted?
nick: h-ll yeah, going like a pro like always!!
john: yeha, like a grand master…
nick: i’m no amateur.
is a person who does s-x out of love, usu. female.
tenny: my sister loves f-cking with her bf because she loves him.
ana: oh, an amateur huh.
a person who does s-x out of love, usu. female.
tenny: my sister loves f-cking with her bf because she loves her.
ana: oh, an amateur huh.
a person who engages in a study,sport,or other activity for pleasure rather than for financial benefit or professional reasons
the olympics used to be only for amateur athletes but recently they have been allowing professional athletes to partic-p-te

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