extremely amazing
these bratwurst are amazitude!

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  • cool spoon

    when corey is hanging out with you and takes out a spoon and shoves into his r-ct-m and dances around like a mexican jumping bean hey look the guy is doing the cool spoon and he is great at it.

  • kendree

    a lovely girl you love and care for and take a bullet for an interesting understanding girl that i loce kendree i love you

  • Murbleburble

    a unit of liquid, it’s enough to drown in but not enough to swim in, so all you can do is murbleburble. “the victim’s cause of death was drowning in 1 mubu (murbleburble) of water. we are not suspecting foul play.”

  • Bongcident

    when you burn a large amount of hair well lighting the bong. i wen’t to hit the bowl and i had a bongcident and now i am bald.

  • Kuntzman

    an insult meaning cuck or p-ssy guy 1: dude stop whining guy2: it was loud and hurt me guy1: you’re such a kuntzman

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