a river in n south america, flowing e from the peruvian andes through n brazil to the atlantic ocean: the largest river in the world in volume of water carried. 3900 miles (6280 km) long.
cl-ssical mythology. one of a nation of female warriors said to dwell near the black sea.
one of a fabled tribe of female warriors in south america.
(often lowercase) a tall, powerful, aggressive woman.
any of several green parrots of the genus amazona, of tropical america, often kept as pets.
contemporary examples

after that, the princess of the amazons spent months bouncing back and forth between various writers and artists.
wonder woman makes a triumphant comeback in a new comic series hugh ryan march 12, 2014

historical examples

miss agnes carroll was the third girl from the right in the first semi-circle of amazons, and very beautiful.
van bibber and others richard harding davis

to find her match, we shall have to go to the fables that are told about the amazons.
stories of georgia joel chandler harris

she is like the amazons of old; she must be courted by the sword.
life of johnson james boswell

it is true that they had -ssumed the dress of amazons, but this was only for the camp and the field.
richard i jacob abbott

the amazons were a warlike race of women of whom many traditions exist.
keats: poems published in 1820 john keats

we find, also, that lampedo and marthesia were queens of the amazons.
the discovery of guiana sir walter raleigh

the amazons were a nation of masculine and ferocious women, who often figure in ancient histories and legends.
darius the great jacob abbott

for nine days he watches the fair band of amazons as they ramble about.
russian fairy tales w. r. s. ralston

this, no doubt, was the origin of the fable of nations of amazons found on the banks of the river.
the western world w.h.g. kingston

any of various tropical american parrots of the genus amazona, such as a. farinosa (green amazon), having a short tail and mainly green plumage
(greek myth) one of a race of women warriors of scythia near the black sea
one of a legendary tribe of female warriors of south america
(often not capital) any tall, strong, or aggressive woman
a river in south america, rising in the peruvian andes and flowing east through n brazil to the atlantic: in volume, the largest river in the world; navigable for 3700 km (2300 miles). length: over 6440 km (4000 miles). area of basin: over 5 827 500 sq km (2 250 000 sq miles)

late 14c., from greek amazon (mostly in plural amazones) “one of a race of female warriors in scythia,” probably from an unknown non-indo-european word, possibly from an iranian compound -ha-maz-an- “(one) fighting together” [watkins], but in folk etymology long derived from a- “without” + mazos “br–sts,” hence the story that the amazons cut or burned off one breast so they could draw bowstrings more efficiently.

the river in south america (originally called by the spanish rio santa maria de la mar dulce) rechristened by francisco de orellana, 1541, after an encounter with female warriors of the tapuyas (or, as some say, beardless, long-haired male tribesmen; still others hold that the name is a corruption of a native word in tupi or guarani meaning “wave”).

in cl-ssical mythology, a nation of warrior women. the amazons burned or cut off one of their br–sts so that they could use a bow and arrow more efficiently in war.

note: figuratively, an “amazon” is a large, strong, aggressive woman.

note: the amazon river of south america was so named because tribes of women warriors were believed to live along its banks.

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