the last name of a bad-ss with lots of friends. this person is also very nice, funny, cool and extremely good looking
that ambeault is so hot.

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  • kittes

    a short word for “kittens” or “kitties” wow, those kittes look so cute! #kitten #kitty #cat

  • iwishab*tch woods

    a symbolic “place”. when someone says they live here, it usually means they “dare” someone to mess with them. this refers to ” i wish a b-tch would “. “i live in the iwishab-tch woods. don’t f-ck with me. “-lex.

  • squirrelled

    to be easily distracted by something – to be squirrelled. i was talking to my friend when i was squirrelled by a conversation on the table behind us. #squirrelled

  • writers c*nt

    when an individual is b-tching about having writers block he is a writers c-nt person 1: urgggg! person 2: no more like writers c-nt! person 1: what is writers c-nt? person 2: when you b-tch about having writers block.

  • n*gg*r doormat

    divorcee the n-gg-r doormat was deluded about money.

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