a very s-xy female that will bust your nut.
get you a girl like amberoja

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  • dangnaberit

    a thing i made up for a sh-t ton of spice memes “dangnaberit mom im playing mine-craft”

  • nice bad

    nice bad always regret being a good girl for attracting men. what’s the point of being bad if your not going be really bad. good girls get all the men and makes being nice bad bitter. she wasn’t pretty enough to be a good girl that’s why she’s nice bad.

  • ol' brown spray

    term for explosively sh-tting somewhere other than a toilet just gave the cat the ol’ brown spray

  • gammonite

    brexiter/brexiteer. after the sweaty, ham-faced members of the bbc question time audience – the wall of gammon. individually, a “gammonite”. it’s a good job people wear different colour bow ties. how else could dimbleby differentiate between the gammonites presented before him?

  • hawaiian nightcap

    the mini bottle (50 ml) of jagermeister, stored inside one’s pillowcase for when you wake up in the middle of the night and need an extra drink to get back to sleep. i woke up for a midnight sh-t and couldn’t fall back asleep, so i fished in my pillowcase until i found the jager, […]

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