a type of atmospheric electronic music that ranges from calm, soothing, dark, or psychadelic.
moby, aphex twin, and enigma play ambient.
usually beatless,sometimes relaxed, sometimes eerie electronic music. term “ambient music” created by legendary musician/producer brian eno. other notable ambient artists/acts include the orb, testu inoue, peter namlook, and zoviet france
brian eno’s “ambiet 1:music for airports” pretty much defines ambient music
“man, i wish i could be ambient”
a ringtone on motorola phones
i set my ringtone to ambient
basically any dance music that james morgan and josh mills believe to be f-cking clown shoes.

in other words it is all the music that james wilson likes apart from the prodigy.
tiesto can f-ck off with his ambient hippy sh-t.

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