liverpool slang for ambulance.
fetch us an ambo, i’ve gotta go ta ossie.
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a small amit patel variant used as small attack dogs
im gonna get my ambo to rip your b-lls off jimbob
word typically used in australia meaning paramedic.
e.g. “ayy mate, call the ambos yea, chopped my finger off”
ambo is a slang term for the prescription sleep aid, “ambien” (zolpidem=generic). ambien is a hypnotic sedative.

when one takes ambien for recreational purposes, they fight the drowsiness intended purpose of the drug, and instead of going to sleep, they wander around,listen to music, or watch movies and usually enjoy a giggly, sp-cey euphoric high.

in higher doses, some report hallucinations. some liken the effects to a low dose of mushrooms.

this is definitely a “rainy day” kind of drug, when you don’t have some weed, don’t feel like drinking, and have really nothing better to do.

taken (ir)responsibly, ambo can be quite entertaining.

side effects: uncontrollable laughter, the munchies, auditory and visual hallucinations, short term memory loss,monosyllabic sounds uttered as “sentences” and an overwhelming desire to watch bad television, play video games, watch movies with bright colors…

just anything you would do sober, except you aren’t…
basically, the ultimate rainy-day chill pill with possible hallucinations.
guy 1: dude i got a rx for ambien, i hear that if you stay awake its pretty trippy, you down?

guy 2: ya man, let’s go out to the woods, bring guitars and pop some ambo and trip b-lls!!

guy 1: h-ll yeah! ambo-night!

disclaimer: do not drive, drink, start a conversation with law enforcement, go to a job interview, write a term paper, or try to make any sense while under the influence of ambo.
a slang term for the popular sleep medication, ambien.
i’ve been trying to sleep for almost two hours now. got any ambos you can spare?
aussie abbreviation for ambulance workers.
the ambos helped the patient reach hospital in time, otherwise he would have died.
another word for the drug ambien. commonly used in a hospital setting or among people who take ambien regularly. a great word because people generally dont know what you are talking about which is a good thing when talking about narcotics…
after this horrible shift i am going home to pop an ambo and sleep like an angel!

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