a minority-loving, attention-seeking -sshole who proclaims their gender ident-ty as being both male and female, yet neither, at the same time.
dad: “h-llo, son. how was school?”

son: “i found out about this cool website, dad! it’s called tumblr! i’m going to make an account!”

dad: “that’s nice, son.”
-a few weeks later-
son:”dad… can i tell you something?”

dad:”sure, son! anything! i am your dad after all, and i love and support you through it all.”

son:”i’m ambonec.”

dad: -looks up word- “go to a f-cking asylum, you f-cking failure. autistic children are more intelligent than you. i never wanted a son anyway. oh, excuse me, what should i call you? sondaughter? or what? you’re f-cking disgusting. go do whatever you want, identify as a f-cking fruit loop for all i care.”

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