Ambrette seed

the seed of the abelmosk.

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  • Ambrettolide

    a colorless liquid, c 16 h 28 o 2 , having a strong musky odor, used as a fixative in the manufacture of perfume.

  • Ambry

    also called armarium. ecclesiastical. a recess in the wall of a church or a cupboard in the sacristy where sacred vessels, books, vestments, etc., are kept. chiefly british dialect. a storeroom, closet, or pantry. obsolete. any of various types of closet or cupboard with doors and shelves. historical examples there is a double early english […]

  • Ambroid

    . noun a variant of amberoid

  • Ambrose channel

    a ship channel at the entrance to new york harbor, near sandy hook. 7½ miles (12 km) long. historical examples it was a few minutes after seven o’clock when she arrived at the entrance to ambrose channel. sinking of the t-tanic various

  • Ambrosia beetle

    . noun any of various small beetles of the genera anisandrus, xyleborus, etc, that bore tunnels into solid wood, feeding on fungi growing in the tunnels: family scolytidae (bark beetles)

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