a mean boy that gets in trouble a lot
hey ambrions always get in trouble

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  • luca di filippo

    means a 15 year old boy that sounds like an 8 year old girl. a m-ssive squeak of a voice that has no b-lls and parts his hair like a wierdo i have a luca di filippo voice

  • cucksbsuzo

    a cucksbsuzo is a name for when someone uses “your” when they should use “you’re”. “i can’t believe she used your! she’s such a cucksbsuzo.”

  • gumbo

    the act of brewing a sh-t in your body for so long, when you get to the bathroom the sh-t explodes out of your -ss “wow i’ve had that gumbo brewing in me for three days” a dish that originated from the black people of the south-eastern united states. it is a mixture of meat, […]

  • warmglass

    1. something that you can put in your -sshole 2. zebra gr-ss 3. swear word 5. used for mocking of disabled people your a real warmgl-ss

  • australian treasure

    the sh-t found on a mans d-ck after having -n-l s-x with another mate (heteros-xual or h-m-s-xual). after f-cking garrett in the -ss, rob found sh-t on his d-ck from garrett’s “down under” region. before garrett finished rob off with f-ll-t–, rob said, “that’s the most australian treasure i’ve ever found!”

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