refers to someone who is an aircraft maintenance engineer.
are you becoming an ame?
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a branch of methodists formed by richard allen a few years after the revolutionary war. white methodists no longer wanted to share a church with black methodists, so we made our own church. a.m.e. stands for african methodist episcopalion (or however that’s spelled)
my daddy is an a.m.e. pastor at mother bethel the first a.m.e. church in the world. it is big and pretty.
candy in j-panese .::. 飴
i want some ame.. mhmmm =d
the act of f-cking someone real hard
“i think you amed her a little too hard last night!”
the art of taking a gigantic sh-t, or expelling a devil t-rd from one’s -ss
hey bell what’s up?
oh man i have to go drop an ames
a man eater is a famous runescape player, his clan and friends call him ame. ame is a member of the british elites and one of the most experienced and powerful people on the rsb. ame collects empty cups.
ame and his clan always own me in clan wars.
something that is totally random and completely off the wall.
there are two people having a conversation about topic a, when person b says something completely off topic. person a then may retort with “wow, ames!”

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