someone who has a potato nose
that girl has a potatoish nose she must be an ameera
an amazingly awesome girl’s name. also means “princess”.
ameera was at the party last night.
somone who is amazingly gorgeous and funny, very hyper most of the time and the biggest flirt known to man kind, though she is very pretty she is not the loyalist of friends and is kinda up herself, even though she try’s to hide it by pretending she doesn’t know her prettiness.
wow look at that pretty ameera!
bright, optimistic, strange, confident, clumsy, loud, colorful, creative little weirdo who radiates sunshine and always ahs a smile
-boom crash bang kaboom-
friend: “ameera what’d you do this time?”
ameera: “nothing broke!”
a f-cked up b-tch who wears ae way too often, has way too much money, and so decides to spend it on others when therr mad at her.
g1: i f-cking hate you ameera -starts to gry
g2: will a pair or jeans help?

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