the date on which two or more people met for the first time.
today is our ameetversary!

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  • alabama kiss

    an alabama kiss is when two partners (usually caucasian) french kiss each other with chewing tobacco in their lip and then proceed to use their tongues to trade “dips” or chewing tabacco. “me and my cousin were alabama kissing , i still have her copenhagen in my lip.”

  • mississippi neck brace

    while a woman is receiving oral from a person, she wraps her legs around their head and farts. her legs form a neck brace making it impossible for the person to break free. i had to shave my goatee because it still smelled like that mississippi neck brace she gave me the other night.

  • larna

    gorgeous girl,funny,h-rny little sh-t ‘that larna really has two sides to her’

  • chase neves

    a d-ck head that person was a real chase neves

  • busy money

    busy money is money that gets around. has that that tenner been in a strippers thong? used as drug paraphernalia. busy money this is busy money, smells like a strippers -rs-hole

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