American Dream, the

the widespread aspiration of americans to live better lives than their parents did.
all of the facist things done in this nation are done to achieve such a thing. operation iraqi freedom, the patriot act etc…
the ideals forced upon americans by their government to keep them p-ssive
americans think they have freedom, but all they really have is the ability to bend over and take it from their government. up the -ss. yeah.
annoying hyper-patriotic cr-p that america tries to force-feed the rest of the world on a regular basis. maybe if they didn’t commit m-ss genocide on the natives, break several of their own promises and live on stolen land it would actually have some sort of honour to it <3 judge: (to president bush) you have killed thousands of iraqi militants and civilians alike, stole their land and oil resources, and to top it all off you blamed it all on a false claim. bush: but it's the american way! (long, dull, over-emotional and hypocritical speech about the american dream) person: people and fish living together... yeah yeah whatever! he's killed far more people than saddam ever did now sentence him! judge: but he was only trying to achieve the american dream... person: yeah, you're right! let's raise the flag and honour ourselves for the fact that we totally intervened and devastated iraq! saddam was evil (and made life bad) and although we have now made iraq much worse it doesn't matter because it's the american way! -raises flag- (definition for american dream, the) tony montana scarface tony montana is the american dream all the mexicans swimming back across the border with an arab under each arm!

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