American Family Association

(n.) an allegedly non-profit ultra-conservative organization that advocates criminalizing h-m-s-xuality and lobbies against hate-crime legislature and same-s-x marriage. the afa has, at times, advocated gay-bashing and aheres to and publicizes the belief that all non-christians are in league with satan. the afa (as it is known) owns over 180 radio stations and airs its message of intolerance and hatred through these venues. afa members rationalize their views on h-m-s-xuality by claiming hitler was gay (tell that to all the h-m-s-xuals who died in concentration camps)and to raise children in a jewish household is to introduce them to a criminal way of life. the afa submits that all aids patients should be quarentined.the afa once called for a boycott of ford motors because ford had offered benefits to the partners of their lesbian and gay employees. the southern poverty law center has investigated the afa as a hate group and notes that it is “primarily an anti-gay organization.”
diane gramely is a hate monger and spokesperson for the american family -ssociation of pennsylvania.
a euphemistic name conjured up by a notorious group of people climbing up their moral pedastools, insisting that gays are the cause of world war ii, justifying atrocites and discrimination of those non-christian, poor or native american, and supporting the complete dissapearance of the word ‘gay’.
“don we now our gay apparel
fa la la, la la la, la la la”

{american family -ssociation} oh dear. that doesn’t look right…

“don we now our h-m-s-xual apparel
fa la la, la la la, la la la”

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