insult used by usually a british person to describe an american person, often used as anti-american pro-british patriotism.
antonyms include ‘a merry c-nt’
american: hey you f-g!
british: f-ck off you americ-nt!
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typical american person. can also be an americanised foreigner residing in the usa. loud, often fat, ignorant, culturally unaware, and generally very very stupid.

they are easily spotted outside of their own country.
most likely unable to find france on a map, and are gaurunteed not to know the capital of australia.

stongly hated by citizens of other countries for being so american, and being proud of it. term originates from britain, and can be used frequently to describe anyone possesing an american p-ssport.
example 1:

english person 1: mate look at those tw-ts over there, they’re obviously americ-nts.
english person 2: yeh, that’s a given. that kn-b on the left is wearing a world or warcraft t-sh-t.

example 2:

english person: that new beat by david guetta is sick, have you heard it?
americ-nt: who is david guetta?
english person: p-ss off you americ-nt.

example 3:

americ-nt: hey man i got so smashed last night, like i nearly died man it was awesome.
english person: that’s not awesome you americ-nt. what did you drink?
americ-nt: bud light
english person: f-ck off

example 4:

english person: hey do you want to go down to the pub for a few beers?
americ-nt: no dude, i’m underage.
english person: how old are you?
americ-nt: 20
english person: it’s 18 in civilised countries you slice of sh-t
americ-nt: i didn’t know that
english person: yeah i know, you fat americ-nt
a combonation of american and c-nt referring to an american that you dislike.
“george bush is the biggest americ-nt”
word used to describe the population of the land america i.e fat f-ck-ng hicks
jesus christ joe them f-ck-n americ-nts jus dragged our -ss-s into another war/oil wealth raping programme again!!!!
1) a way of distinguishing the usa from the rest of the western hemisphere. a play on the way the far more ambiguous “america” sounds.

2) what british people sometimes refer to people from the usa as.
americ-nt teh beautiful

o beautiful for sp-cious skies,
for amber waves of grain,
for purple mountain majesties
above the fruited plain!
a-mer-i-c-nt! a-mer-i-c-nt!
g-d shed his grace on thee
and crown thy good with brotherhood
from sea to shining sea!

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