“adios, m- f-. out the door, you’re on your own”. similar to, but more complete than amf yo yo. learned from ex-marine medic.
the entry is self explanatory (is this “20 letters and 3 words”?)

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  • amish covered wagon

    (n); synonym of dutch oven… typically perpetrated by the male human species (however open to both genders): when in bed one farts (silent or audibly), while pulling (or already having pulled) the covers over the others head in order to make a both warm and noxious local atmosphere. it is the credentialed opinion of this […]

  • amha

    french translation for in my humble opinon (imho). in french a mon humble avis. french : amha c’est un fake ! english : imho that’s a fake !

  • amixia

    amixia essentially means beast. (capital letters are a necessity). it can also be used as a verb. i was at sara godwars the other day when i got totally amixia’d by this person named tlin25.

  • a moises

    someone who isnt very good looking but theyre personality makes them “attractive” jackie:woah! hes ugly cristina:so..hes a moises! jackie:ohh then hes good(:

  • amortify

    amortify verb trans. (lat. amor, love + lat. mort, death + suffix ify) to act both with affection and ruthlessness, to inflict suffering or ruin by love. dostoevsky’s novel “the idiot” is the story of four princ-p-l characters who consistently attempt to amortify each other and eventually succeed.

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