adios mother f-ck-r you’re on your own
the discharge status of the patient was amfyoyo
informal medical acronym used to describe belligerent patients who argue and refuse treatment. stands for “alright mother f-cker, you’re on your own”
that drunk in curtain two is an amf yoyo.
pr-nounced a.m.f.yo.yo.

adios mother f-cker you’re on your own
carl: hey john can you help me with this before you clock out?
john: amfyoyo
the harsh termination of a conversation with a fool you can no longer suffer. pr-nounced: a – m – f yoyo. short and direct translation: adios mother f-cker, you’re on your own. may be used in the presence of children as the concepts of bowling and toys are paramount in their lives – and not fool you are about or to.
good friend: “what should we do about josh? he is the worst wingman ever.”
you: “amf yoyo”
adios, mother f-cker, you’re on your own.
responsible person: since you haven’t contributed, we’ve removed you from the project.

slacker: you suck! i was working behind the scenes! what the h-ll… amf yo-yo; it was a cr-ppy project, anyway!

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