bad-ss motherf-cker who all the girls wanna get with and all the guys wanna be. in arabic it means prince. total pimp. the kind of guy you wanna get crunk and party with.
“dude amir is the og,”
“you know that guy amir, he just got ten of the hottest girls numbers, and it’s only his first day!”
“amir is so bad-ss, last night, we partied till 5:00 in the morning!”
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means prince. one of those s-xy hot guys you will only encounter once in your lifetime. other definitions: s-xy manwh-r-
“hey amir!!! u r so hot”
means prince, king, leader…
loves to get crunk, has good sence of style, a pimp, all girls want him all guys want to be him, hardcore gangsta that will kick your -ss….
1. hes such an amir…
good looking decent guys who attracts crazy,prozac poppin, late night stalkin, drive by checkin girls.
that girl is gonna make him an amir.
a man who will not just hurt, but destroy anyone who tries to cut off his p-n-s. also known as prince in arabic, he will steal your wife/girlfriend and ride off into the sunset with her, making sweet love.
amir is a s-xy manbeast.
amir is a fake url, thought of as mir islam. he loves to sh-t on the chests of pandas, and he loves to sing songs about toaster ovens. anyone you meet named amir, will have a secret, that you will need to unfold!
amir islam is a fake url!
1. characterized by or proceeding from mental dullness; foolish; senseless

2. arabic for one destined to fail
1. bryan felt so amir this morning when he woke up and realized he knocked up the hoe next door.

2. john wanted to hump a camel but he amired.
a pimple faced, fat, h-rny ,queer who gets rejected by every girl and tries to have s-x with every object present, but all objects seem to disappear because of his ugliness. amir you might think is fine at first but when you get to know him you get the stalker feeling. lies and brags about girlfriends and thinks every girl wants to f-ck him and will talk sh-t about everything. stay away!! before he tries h-tting on you! because he will not leave you alone.
person 1: whats that creature?
person 2: ow that’s just amir!
person 1: we need to kill it before it lays eggs!!!!
person 2: runnnnnn!

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