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“amoig, candy” said jacquavios.

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  • nirupan

    an ugly nark that hides in the dark making d-ld-s in a 3d printer to shove up ur -ss look at that nark nirupan over the with his d-ld-s, don’t go near him though

  • m-count

    a person’s number count of how many people they made out with. “m” is a reference to the n-count (just the letter next to it) but also stands for “makeout”. kissing with tongue definitely counts toward the m-count, kisses on the cheek do not. kissing someone on the mouth is subject to personal interpretation (like […]

  • comftorble

    how lazy people pr-nounce comfortable this chair is comftorble

  • zarrick

    a genuinely nice guy who is also insanely attractive. most well known for his killer hairstyles girl 1: hey ,look at that guy over there girl 2: the hot one? girl 1. yes, thats a zarrick

  • caitlin riffer

    biggest noob! i ama caitlin riffer at videogames!

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