a man that is quite sarcastic , but very mature. he is handsome and very attractive . he will also be the cl-ss clown
amoree is hot

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  • homo drexual

    somebody who dresses as if they are gay but isn’t. “did you see him wearing that???” “yes he’s h-m- drexual af”

  • honest baby, i won't come in your mouth

    the number one lie that every guy has said. of course i respect you and will love you in the morning. so come on, honest baby, i won’t come in your mouth.

  • igkmn

    i go kill myself now what you say when you hate the world man – “i’m voting trump” other man “igkmn”

  • couch pig

    somebody else’s fat wife. get those d-ck beaters off the remote you couch pig!

  • kamikaze troll

    a trolling technique in which a troll makes a final attempt at p-ssing people off by revealing their ident-ty as a troll so people know that their valuable time has been wasted arguing online with a bridge dweller. john: n-body is reacting to my stupid comments online, they just keep explaining things calmly and providing […]

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