the amp is a shortened version of the word amperes. amperes was also the discoverer of the amp, thus the name.

amps are a unit of measurement, represented with the symbol a in a circuit diagram, that measures the flow of electrons in an electrical unit. you can measure amps using an amp meter, which is represented with the letter a in a circle, with a + sign to the side of it, on a circuit diagram.

some scientific laws use the amp, including ohm’s law. this tells us that the flow, divided by the voltage, is how many ohms there are in a circuit. the flow is represented with i, the voltage with v and the resistance with r. this is the formula for it:

v divided by i is equal to r.
r = how many ohms there are. example:
if there are 3 amperes and 60 volts, then there would be 20 ohms as the resistance:-


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