you misspelled the word absolutely dumb-ss.
i was amsolutely astounded by that game!

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  • Tickle my anus and call me Samantha

    used when someone is surprised or angry 1.) gas prices went down 50 cents? well, tickle my -n-s and call me samantha! 2.) that b-tch sharkeesha tried to steal my man?! tickle my -n-s and call me samantha, cuz imma kill a b-tch!

  • Prehangry

    the state of being h-lla pretty, pregnant, hungry and angry all at once. last night my trophy wife punched me in the face. she’s been pretty prehangry lately

  • voungdeuan

    voungdeuan is the direct translation of “-ss f-cker” from ancient greek. kaito; wow, mikey is suck a voungdeuan! purple: i know rigth?!

  • wasdwasdwasdwasdwasd

    a stage of boredom like qwertyuiop… but instead in a gamers view (a gamer) i’m so bored im going to type wasdwasdwasdwasdwasd in my search engine

  • Odd Duckling

    the odd one out of the group who is usually weird, odd, strange or confused, but always ends up doing something n-body would expect them to do. for example, becoming president, mayor, saving the human race, etc.. the new chick at work is quite the odd duckling ##odd #strange #confused #weird

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