a single serving portion of being a douche. an act of douchiness from one who is normally a non-douche.
sorry baby for being an amuse-douche last night. you know i usually don’t slick back my hair and quote carrot top.
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1. someone, whom you likely don’t know, that is such a douchebag that you find yourself entertained by his or her antics.

2. someone, whom you likely know, that is such a douchebag that you are required to find humor in their douchiness in order to maintain your sanity.
3. a situation of either of the above.
1. charlie sheen is an amuse douche. his “winning” breakdown was so out of control that i found the whole thing hilarious.
2. my best friend’s husband is an amuse douche. he is so controlling of her and such an -ss to me that i have to make fun of his bullsh-t just to maintain my composure around him.

3. this morning’s commute was a total amuse douche. to begin with, i was late getting out of the house. then i got stuck behind a car that refused to go over 15 in a 30 zone, and once i finally p-ssed them and thought i had free sailing, there was a m-ssive construction backup on the freeway. i was over an hour late to work, and i could only laugh at the stupidity of slow drivers and the state’s inability to post pre-construction notices as i was trying to explain to my boss why i had missed the meeting.

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