a beautiful girl who loves to help others and love to smile and laugh with friends and family.
“shes just like amyia.”

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  • a lol in the conversation

    when during a serious conversation somebody does or says something (mostly unintentionally) that makes everybody laugh, like tripping/falling in a funny way or making a freudian slip. i just talked to my friends and there was a lol in the conversation when i asked them about the name of a person we just met that […]

  • jon fishman

    the drummer of phish. the audial version of bob ross and blastoplast of the death star. the most underrated drummer of all time. nicknames: fish, henrietta, tubbs, friar tubbs, chuck norris, amongst countless others jon fishman tucking is great… you suck at tucking.

  • kylan persons

    hes a real “feisty heather” you better clean up your peepee. if you are a drug addict you are probably attracted to a kylan persons. don’t waste you’re time he doesn’t like druggies. kylan persons dumped that angelica girl after one day!

  • rlynn

    a pretty girl that’s awesome and kind she is 100% cool will all way be generous to other people she will alway be made fun of but that does’nt afect her she will always be rlynn no matter what rlynn is the best of all the people that start with a

  • thriftism

    the belief in a solely-secondhand wardrobe since moving to seattle, my hipster friends have converted me to thriftism.

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