An Englishman, Irishman and a Scotsman

a collection of jokes known mostly by residents of the united kingdom which involve a man from england, scotland and ireland. the jokes are commonly long and end up with the irishman being made a fool of or making the pun of the joke.

the jokes rarely involve wales. lucky b-gg-rs.
an englishman, irishman and a scotsman are all invited to a christmas party. in order to get into the party, they must bring something relevant with christmas. on the day, the scotsman turns up with a christmas tree, so he is allowed in. the englishman turns up and brings a cracker, so he allowed in aswell. eventually the irishman turns up also, holding a pair of ladies underwear. the guard at the door asks him, “what have they got to do with christmas?”

the irishman replies, “they’re carols”.

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