an area in dc, where you dont want ever go into unless you have too! in the southeast part of the nations cap. a stop on the metro (green line). the hoodest of hood.
georgetown kid1: hey pal, would you like to head over to anacostia

georgetown kid2: have you fell and b-mped your noggin, i will never go to that neighborhood.
a beautiful, incredibly clean river located in the city of washington in the federal district of columbia. known for its crystal-clear, drinkable water that provides life for a thriving ecosystem, people are known to swim in the anacostia on a regular basis. rumor has it that some folks who swim it will end up growing another arm; some ascribe this to so-called “pollution” but it’s really because the river is magical!

also the name of the wealthiest neighborhood in washington, where the streets are practically paved with gold and people dance and laugh and play with a smile on their faces! come on down!
another shooting happened in the anacostia neighb- just kidding, this never happens

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