anal guy

a male prost-tute who has an exceptionally large and worn out -n-s and uses this fact to attract wealthy but lonely male h-m-s-xuals. a lot of them also has multiple stis (s-xually transmitted infection) due to the fact that they are so confident and arrogant in their own -n-l s-x capabilities they often neglect the use of a condom.
#gay4pay #pay2gay

also used to describe timid boys who try to swindle virgins into having -n-l s-x to preserve their virginity.

can be used as a synonym for conning or swindling others out of something.
george is such an -n-l guy! he made $5 yesterday by having s-x with a guy with aids!

i was f-cking -n-l guy edwin last night, but then his -ss is so loose that sh-t suddenly came squirting out from his r-ct-m.

owen the -n-l guy tried to con his virgin jewish girlfriend into having -n-l s-x with him to preserve her religious purity, but then he got rejected because of his uncirc-mcised p-n-s.

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